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Hey.. Long time no post...
I believe It was a very long time that I post an entry in a journal so I'm going to lay down the skinny.
I wasnt posting stuff due to personal life and school life that I really need to take of therefore the lack of art and also the lack of practice. the fear that I wont be graduating with a bachelor degree might be over cause actually I'm fully a candidate for graduation.. I'm just a candidate there is a possibility if I fuck up in school... it will be in a shitter...
so 3 months lack of color art because I was working hard on my thesis that I made... so all of the attention and skill was place there.. I just wanted to have a bachelor degree and also I do want a back up plan in life if I never got a chance to do comics as a colorist...
Don Bosco said it best: "failing to prepare is to preparing to fail"
so failing to prepare life is to preparing to fail in real life. that I really don like to happen.
So yeah.. school stuff first paper dreams later.. cause breaking into comics is the paper dream....

during this march.. A friend shared a link to facebook that I really wanted to show you cool cats out there...…
yeah I joined in and it was during my thesis week.. it was my only chance to get things right on my coloring gig. So I scramble up and chose my time super wisely to come up it was superhard on me  cause I really eating me up on my sleeping hours.. well, the last piece was the hardest part so I came up with these at least 4 to 5 days

SPIDEY PAGE by krissthebliss SPIDEY PAGE NO 2 by krissthebliss batman vs joker(titan) by krissthebliss american vamp by krissthebliss

hoooo! it was hard..

well thats the story... I hope you understand.. expect more colors in the near future.. aka summertime!!! here in the Philippines I mean
rayanncarmi Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Hi Christian, found you... I've meet you during Cebulski interview. Love your colors... Good luck to you...

here's my husband deviantart. [link]
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March 10, 2012


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