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Submitted on
July 20, 2011


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Hey sorry for not posting much on my journal due hectic student life and also lazyness.. so I apologize for not updating... any whoo..
Its was been a hell for me as a student been doing projects,midterms and finals very hastily.. hooooo
But right Now, my schedule is lose and I can go crazy on my coloring skills.. and also I'm actually
Available for commissions if you like me to do your pic... Note that Im not interested in doing sequential work but I do want to do Covers..
My rate on Normal artwork such as
Single character, headshots, two characters, Busts shots and also Group
Are $15
thats for my comic book coloring style and also my cel shaded style if you want that choice.

If you got a Cover for your book I would gladly do it with a price tag of $40

thats all for now I got a mid-term to make.

Felt that 20 is a bit much
  • Mood: Joy
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