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Hey yall,

Sorry for no posting for a couple of months due to allot of stuff happend in my life at the moment. on the last submission that I did, I got a lot of good and fair amount of critiques on my pics and I cannot thank you enough on faving it, watching me, and also.. some very good soul got me my first ever subscription... wow man thats something.... I'm really really thankful that i really got nice peeps who are watching me and faving on my coloring work. Wow...
If I miss thanksgiving, I'm totally thankful for the watchers out there man...
I'll work tremendously even harder to make it good as an artist...

** Commissions **
Well now, as of is now I'm offering commissions this month of november since my classes are a bit low and I wanted to do some productive work.... So to make it clear
I'm offering Color Commissions in Any type of Work that you can give to me either its inked or penciled. Send it in a Highest resolution within 300 dpi

I will not do ComicBook Projects at the moment since I'm in one. I rather finish this work rather than sifting this one.

but if you are looking for a colorist please let me know and I let you know that I'm offering my hat as well and also the status of the book as well.

Its been a dilly dally of of a life for me a couple of months since that life caught up to me that the comic book project that I did is now delayed.. I apologize to the collaborator since I promised him during the passed months. its quite a hectic month for me.
to be honest with you I really dont like to lay down a sob story since It really happend;
It was depressing for me to work since doubt in my school,in also in family, right now I got a brother in a hospital bed because of a serious scuba related accident. I will try to contact my collaborator on this since this month I'm semi free.. literary... I have little school to do and also some few workshops to attend so I can speed things up a bit.. I hope you peeps understand the situation since I dont blog that much often
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Submitted on
November 5, 2010