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Dont throw them ok cuase thats just plain disgusting but anyhoo..

as of right now I'm in a busy time of year cause I'm actually shifting my course to IT... whats that suppose to mean art wise? I means I cant submit more and coloring more on DA since my time is to concentrate on graduating and getting my Bachelors degree. But I will try my hardest to submit to coloring pieces and practice pieces that I need. I got a shit load of inked and penciled art to be colored and practice upon for Uping the Ante on my coloring skills if I ever make it as a god-damn good colorist.

And in other news, If you are interested. I'm open for some color commissions if you want your inked/penciled commissions to be colored by me.
if your curious about my work again here are my pieces…………

I try to do different coloring styles depending on the piece that you will give..
so whats the price on your service
would you believe its $6? yes its 6 bucks any piece and from of coloring. I like to be challenge and also Up the Ante that would normally do so if you want something different and also quite affordable. Hit me up for it

will you color my book?
right now I'm busy for my midterms so I cant do it. but I really want to do it but right now School is a priority... I hope you understand my situation.
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January 25, 2011


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