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Submitted on
September 6, 2010


Hey there internet savy people,
I wanted you to know that I'm offering some service to try to test some waters here and to to test my skills as well. I wanted to offer coloring commissions.
on the price. I would really like set it as $5 on any type of artwork that you would be some one's else's art work that you paid for, or your own penciled or inked works.
tell me the details and I'll do the best that I can that to offer you the best work possible.
if you have the original drawings that you own please scan it so I can color the original work.
it has to be in 300 dpi.

Note me and tell me details of the artwork that you want to it to be colored

Depending on the work that you have or owned, the working process will be affected. a simple piece, short time, complex piece, quite longer.

head on to my gallery if theres any style that I've done previously before that you may like to repeat again on your order.
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