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Hey there!
Its been a long ass time that I 've ever update my  deviantart blog. A lot of shit happened in two years and I'm planning to update more due to the fact I nedd to brush up on my drawing skills. since its been too long that I have been drawing in the these past years. I only do photoshop stuff but that is not concidered as drawings. I mean, straight up from your own hands type of drawings. I've been sketcing and also doing some coloring practices and i'm planning to upload them. BUT! theres a catch to this. I will upload these drawings but there are not entirely mine. I'm not stealing anything from other artist but I'm coloring there line work with the proper permission and credits so that there will be no shit to shit talk each other.
I will label these drawings as practice sessions and also protect them from other art thieves.
Its stupid really if you think about it but. If Iwant to protect something from a fellow artist I must do so what is nessesary in order to be recognise and respect the works of others. besides.
I really like to improve by crap of a drawing skills into like something beautiful...
catch y'all later bitches! PEACE!!!
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Submitted on
August 15, 2008