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I was like "woah" you were like "woah"!!! we got to a point and like .... woah....
I seen the new devart and it is kicking but it seems to me that some people here hate the new interface.. well to first off to understand the hatred of this first assumption.
old comp new tech.. lagging..
to those artist who uses old comps, no offense on this one hurts you.. either the program language that kills the the old comps. like i said no offense to you guys.. i know your pain. my old comp was a bit shit fucked when the "new da" was implemented and I was like "FFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCC--"
maybe there are a bit repercussions on the fact that there are many artist dont have the right comp to experience this or the codemonkeys of deviantart are bit stupid to implement of the codes its either of the two and and I dont want to be judge by this but I'm only here the point out which possible ways that the some are quite hissy pissy about it in the first place... so far so good on this fast minimaslistic coding scheme that devart has implemented on...
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Submitted on
May 19, 2010